Flat grind / Sabre / Scandi. A convex edge features a bevel on each side of the blade, slightly rounded (convex) as they taper to form the edge. Convex Knife Grinds. So the variation on a TOPS’ edge is usually between 24 and 26 degrees on each side. View entire discussion ( 7 comments) More posts from the knives community. Either of these steels may work well with a different grind, with the 1095 being more resilient and durable, and I have a few I use with a shorter (steeper) apex to help keep the edge keen. The primary grind may be concave, flat, or convex. So I really love convex style knives and they have a plethora of uses. What it is: On a convex grind, the sharp edge is produced by symmetric, gently curved surfaces. Initially, it doesn’t matter what kind of motion you apply, so long as the bevel stays flat. It looks like a scandi grind, but instead of a straight grind, it’s curved. A close second would be a flat grind or asymetrical grind such as the Bark River Bravos offer. In other words, it is a single grind only. Flat grinds have a performance edge where game processing and food prep are concerned. There is no secondary bevel. Flat grinds are sturdier, and simple to sharpen on basic equipment. Some of the more popular blade grinds are the Scandi grind, flat grind, and convex grind… Slightly convex grinds are sturdier still, and hold an edge very well. There are others. To summarize, a 30 degree scandi grind is the best all-around grind for toughness, versatility, slicing, carving, batoning and ease of sharpening. In many cases you could even say that it looks like a “zero grind” or even a fat “Scandinavian grind” but it is a convex grind. Most people probably aren’t going to feel comfortable spending so much money on a hard-use tool, but those that do are certainly going to be pleased with the results for years and years to come. That bevel goes all the way to the end and you're supposed to lay that bevel completely flat to the sharpening stone. Please dig out your 2016 Spyderco catalog and turn to page 142, Blade Grinds. Basically, picture a Scandi Grind, but instead of a straight grind, it's curved. Unlike many other grinds, the Scandi runs to the edge with no angle change in what is also known as a zero grind. The convex grind is better for bushcraft for its famed durability, excellent edge retention, and cutting efficiency. Convex grind. Essentially a convex knife grind offers slightly lower durability of the edge than a saber grind, but cuts closer in performance to a scandi grind. When it comes to Scandi vs. convex for bushcraft exclusively, it will all depend on your preference. All my straight razors are hollow. If the grind makes the cutting edge extremely thin, your blade’s strength is significantly reduced. The standard 9 inch Genesis Scandi is crafted with 1/8" A2 Tool Steel and was already a great value at $210.00, which includes a dangler premium leather … If you Google image search "convex scandi grind" you'll get w good diagram of the cross-sections. Custom LTWK Knife - Genesis Scandi Grind AEB-L Steel Blade and Snakeskin Finish Handles with Red Liners and Mosaic Pins. El Gato wrote:While this topic can be highly subjective to personal opinion, in my experience and for me personally the convex grind and edge, when properly done, makes a very fine working knife in my opinion.However, the key words here are "when properly done", and in my experience this is a rare combination to find. Here’s a great video series about sharpening convex blades. That includes things like a high-end drop point CPM-20CV steel blade with a convex grind, a pair of solid machined G-10 handle scales, and a premium leather sheath for easy hauling and transport. I didn't know that the reason for the scandi grind is that it's a guide for the angle to sharpen it on the stone. Our modified Scandi Knives (B.O.B., MSK, Scandi Trekker, etc.) T o sharpen the Scandi grind by hand, place the bevel flat to the sharpening stone and work on the whole edge.

scandi grind vs convex

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