Please stop posting on this thread and see if you can actually be helpful to someone else instead. I have lived there for many years and new this plant well. Instead I found crude comments. 1. Leave colored fish, yellow board, red mailbox, green chairs and decorated door. All one should do is be aware of what your area considers an invasive species and act accordingly. Which is why when I say "I wish I could grow them here," it means I wish I could get them to adapt to my growing condtitions. I used to try to grow stuff out of range but I'm older and wiser now and don't like throwing money down the tubes. We all loved sitting out in the garden admiring how beautiful her garden was and all the effort she put into it. Once again, many posters are assigning their own regional experiences and applications to a plant that will grow and behave very differently in a different area of the country. might be able to place it flush to the staircase wall...if it's not too deep...with a tall vertical piece of art or mirror on the short wall....mirror would reflect the light from the front window...what do you think? Saving mulberry cutting that lost its roots. Place sofa far enough away from window to fit the writing desk (shown in original photo) behind it and place a lamp on the "writing desk/sofa table". The mimosa tree, a beautiful ornamental plant with pink, soft, and silky fragrant flowers, gets its name from the Greek word ‘mimos’, which means ‘mimic’. But you make the best out of the situation and you try to make decent choices. Yes. $(document).ready(function(){ … I planted some seeds from it and they did wonderful all summer. He writes, Yes, they are overused. Salicaceae is right we had a colder than normal winter in 96' but I do not know if it was a zone 4 winter. Known as the silk in Japanese or the 'night sleeper' in Persian, the Mimosa Tree has fern like leaflets which fold and droop downward when the sun sets. Honey locust is probably ok but black locust is as bad a rogue as mimosa! A few thoughts....Thought 1: Do shake on the base, columns and peak. I previously lived in Geauga County, due east of Cleveland, about 30 miles away. I would try your sofa in front of the large windows to the right of your entry. It is a simple fact that potential invasiveness is location-dependant -- plants or other species that are considered invasive in one area of the country are typically not considered invasive in other areas where they may be exposed to natural predators or other limiting factors (like marginal winter hardiness), do not mature with respect to seed development or are just not climatically suited to reproduce freely. It's a little extreme to assume this tree will ever achieve a mature height and spread in a climate where it is marginal at best. My grandmother had a beautiful Mimosa in her back garden in Louisiana when I was growing up. I guess this is a little troll-like trying to stir the pot again. What fun! Pink. As for keeping the dirty laundry in the living room - organization system or no - that just doesn't seem like a plan. You must think outside the box of your local world. Stan Hywett Gardens here in NE Ohio have them in their indoor Butterfly Garden and is another reason I have fell in love with the Mimosa. Gee Ida, we were just about to make some great break-through on mimosa invasiveness, and here you are trying to quash all the enthusiasm. Salicaceae not to dismiss your comments that the weather here will keep them in check. I will try to take some pictures shortly of it and add them on here, but the next few days call for rain. You seem to get some kind of joy in starting arguments, being rude, and obvious offensive comments to others. Foliage Color Name. They are native here and do great. The reason I ask is I had a mimosa tree volounteer very close to my house. It, in a very short time, shades large areas in the landscape which inhibit sun-loving shrubs and grasses. It shows very little understanding of invasive species and why they are considered invasive if you apply the same avoidance philosophy to every example of that species everywhere. With the right external conditions and proper care of the plant, its lifespan can reach up to 20 years. Hi: I was wondering if you Might be able to help me. There's enough to address and consider without that. A quaint childhood home in Madison County gets new love with DIY projects, flea market finds and eclectic vintage treasures, With their 5 kids grown up and moved out, a Euclid couple finally gets to design all for themselves, Beauty is its own reward, but the benefits of planting the right tree in the right place go way beyond looks, The garland is gone; the holly is history. Mimosa, botanical name Albizia julibrissin, is a magnificent looking, small to large sized deciduous tree that absolutely loves the heat! A friend had a faux marble surround on fireplace in his condo unit which caught fire due to the polymer in the product. If you have the room on your property, and know the traits of the bradford pear, and are OK with it, who cares? var pid = mySplit[1]; They tolerate the heat fine. Botanical Name. I think you solved your problem, don't buy any house plants, because if you neglect them then you are not enjoying them. I can give you the location and it is obvious that it is an old single trunk Mimosa. is it cracking sidewalks? See I have mechanically compacted clay and hardpan in baking 12 hour sun for most of my yard in a climate known for drought and temperature extremes, including but not limited to late freezes and sometimes summer temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for days on end. I have no worries about seedlings. The same furor raises when a bradford pear is brought up. Email Save Comment 14. So china in the kitchen or dining room, music near the stereo, laundry where you take off your clothes. "Anyone who believes that this plant can become a problem in Ohio, has never been here, and just likes to argue...". Curiosity...are tree of heavens a problem there? Width (Feet) 30. N/A. Your comments have supported that, so I am not going to provide any further evidence than what you have typed yourself. But this one Mimosa I am talking about in our area is huge! It is quite drought tolerant and a light feeder. Thank you Davealju, Gardengal and everyone else on this thread for your helpful comments, I really do appreciate the help. A new room for your home. I am going to surprise my friend with a Mimosa for her birthday (one day before mine)! A brief video showing how I saved my favorite tree. Wait, your also from the south! They pop up in the most unassuming spots...the urban, rural, rented, owned, whatever. These mimosa trees feature fine, graceful green leaves, attractive brown pods and clusters of large, showy, pink-fringed flowers that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies throughout the summer. You will then have a credenza which will be less overwhelming in the dining area and will really OPEN-UP the room . My whole street is lined with sweetgums on a 6' tree lawn. That forces you to think about the "left-overs", and whether you really need them - like the cheerleader's uniform you're keeping for sentimental reasons! Since you are the apparent expert on growing anything anywhere, as well as what NOT to grow (according to your personal opinion), when can we expect publication of your book? Its OK not to have in-door plants. I only have one plant, a small one on the coffee table in my living room, we get along fine and I take the time to make sure it gets what it needs, water, light, good soil. Many, many excellent horticulturalists also dispute the usefulness of the system.. Guess what? Can you tell me how I can get this through the winter? Bloom Color Name. The biggest oakleaf Hydrangeas in the world must surely be the 12' tall ones I have seen along the Apalachicola! Looks to me like the premier hydrangea authority in the US has pretty much blown all your excuses out of the water. It's not too late yet. As I said above, I'm not convinced that it will ever become a problem, but your assertion, that it's not even close, doesn't convince me the other way, either, and seems to be based more on feeling than proof. If she wants to grow it, then let her. In the upper midwest, it is not going to become an issue so why assign southeastern characteristics (as well as personal interpretations as what this tree "means" to posters from that area) to a plant that will not behave in the same manner in NE Ohio? These will be eliminated during the next record cold outbreak. This is kind of completely off topic, but I noticed you seemed to doubt that most of NE Ohio now fell in the zone 6 range. ... 7-20 pr of light-and-touch-sensitive, linear-oblong leaflets [per leaf], per Wildflowers of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley, and the Southern Appalachians. Phil, there is a heat zone chart as well. $("#replyform-"+pid).slideDown(); when I see a mimosa, I think: unmaintained property. I think I will leave the Mimosa for now and enjoy it while I can. I decided that planting it there would not be prudent. They have their place. Add elegance to any landscape. In full bloom, it's a magnificent sight that friends, family and neighbors are sure to admire. Terms of Service apply. Physical Characteristics of Mimosa Tree In general, mimosa is a fast-growing tree that can easily reach a height of 20 to 40 feet. The 20 to 30 small leaflets provide a detailed background on which the bursting colors of the Mimosa flower blossom. var url = "/frogs/ajax/post_comment/"+pid+"/"; $("#"+thisid).attr('style',''); And its low-maintenance needs don't hurt its popularity either.

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