This place a good option for a reasonably priced meal in a setting that feels more expensive, if that makes sense. $11.50. We went on a blustery afternoon so they place was not that busy. Sometimes it’s a red flag when a restaurant tries to cook too many different cuisines — it’s hard enough covering all of Thailand well, so why even attempt to cover Thailand and Vietnam and China? Melt-your-face-off spiciness isn’t the main goal of most Thai cuisine — heat is just one part of a balanced combination of flavors that most dishes strive to achieve. Yes, Let Me Vote! This Porter Square mainstay has flown under the radar a bit as newer spots spring up around Cambridge and Somerville, but it’s got a lot to explore. Apologized for having me wait so long and got my name and put me on their wait list. The cuisine of Thailand’s Isan region in the northeast, for example, is significantly different than the street food of Bangkok, and ideally, there’d be plenty of separate restaurants focusing on each instead of just serving a couple highlights from each area. The “Thai-style dishes” section of the menu is where you’ll find some of the best options, such as the goong chae nam pla (raw shrimp with garlic and chili in a spicy lime dressing), yum poo nim (fried soft shell crab salad with shredded mango and, again, a spicy lime dressing), and khao ka moo (a popular Thai street food rice plate with braised pork, mustard greens, and egg). We had gone to kedai makan and found the wait to be two hours plus. I always get it when I go. While I feel like they over dress it here it is still a must try and a fan favorite. Even my friend who used to live in south east Asia says it's impressive and so delicious. I brought my parents here for dinner. Khao Soi. Sometimes it’s good, other times not so much. Stuffed boneless chicken wing smothered in panang. The key is to order from the “authentic Thai” section of the menu, labeled “not for beginners” on the website. Open for nearly a decade in Brighton’s Oak Square, Thai North offers a giant, wide-ranging menu — with photographs of many dishes plastered over the walls — but the key is to follow the restaurant’s name: Thai North shines most on its northern dishes, listed on a small blackboard and in a printed section of the menu titled “Thai North special.”. The space is fairly small and mostly geared toward takeout and delivery, but there are a few full-service tables and friendly staffers for those who want to dine in. Will definitely come back! They needed some more salt and seasoning. ($4 to add extra noodle!) These crispy balls are crumbled and topped with roasted peanuts and fried chili peppers. Alongside plenty of curries and noodle-based dishes, 9Zaab offers a wide range of street food rice plates, including khao mun gai, khao moo dang, and khao na ped. Nice enough for a date or birthday, casual enough for a low-key night out, Brown Sugar features a huge menu that intentionally touches on multiple regions of Thailand. The menu offers plenty of the familiar curries and noodle dishes, but there are some dishes that are harder to find around Boston, too. Closed every Wednesday. Nam Khao (Lao crispy rice lettuce wrap) *Prices may be subject to change. It originated from a small village near Vientiane Laos called Thadeua. There are also a few soups that are getting a bit easier to find locally, such as khao soi and boat noodles. Shredded chicken noodle soup. Their service elevated them to a five. Telephone. The fish and shrimp were phenomenal. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. We've been back almost weekly, and not had a disappointing dish yet. We ordered phad ped pla, curry shrimp and naam khao. If you're looking for a more upscale place to have good thai food then this is your spot! The chicken stuffed with pork was delicious! Looking at the menu, I already became super excited of how authentic the dishes were.The food here is full of texture and flavor. Here are 16 of the best Thai restaurants in the Boston area right now, with some pointers on what to order at each. Pictures would have been a bit helpful to know what to order. Try to go with a group so you can share everything family style! (The restaurant also has connections to Somerville street food spot Kor Tor Mor — see above.) Beyond Thai, the Vietnamese crepe, banh xeo, is a highlight. Thai food on Capitol Hill will never be the same again now that SOI is here, simply because this restaurant destroys its competition! To be honest this wasn't our first choice for dinner. maybe a little too much fish sauce but it was so good.I ordered the Phad Ped Pla - this was a fish I never heard of, but it sounded so good to try it! The Naam Khao Tod is a great introduction to Northeastern Thai flavours, as it has soured pork and Kaffir lime leaves (remember I said that the food from here is tangier?). Therefore, coming to SOI is worth it even if just to try food from a different region of Thailand.But wait, there's more. Khao Khanap Nam is one of the most famous landmarks and a symbol of Krabi and also one of the most photographed spots of the city, Khao Khanap Nam are two scenic rock formations on the Krabi River, they are acting as a gateway for the city. It's so good! The fritters were followed by a wonderful pork crispy rice salad (naam khao tod) and a warm soup on a cold day (khao soi) which was a northern style noodle curry. Chicken thigh battered then deep fried served with fragrant rice, wintermelon soup, and sweet chili sauce. This is a must get and I will definitely come back again for it. It’s all good, especially dishes in the menu section labeled “special authentic Thai rice plates,” but be sure to try the kao moo yang (grilled pork with an excellent spicy lime dipping sauce) and khao kaprow khai yeaw ma, a rice dish with stir-fried, minced pork, thousand-year-old eggs, and basil. $15.50. Thai food suffers the same fate as many other cuisines when it comes to a city the size of Boston: Most restaurants try to squeeze an overview of the entire country into one menu, resulting in the ubiquitous jumble of pad thai, build-your-own curries, and other noodle and rice dishes quite familiar to American diners but barely scratching the surface of any one specific part of Thailand. The Fenway location is now Rod Thai Family Taste, and it’s focusing on street foods — a mix of classic dishes and “surprising” family recipes. The staff just isn't attentive very much but once they are at your table, they are accommodating and kind. They are picky and quite the critics when it comes to food they are able to make themselves but even they thought Soi really does it right. An extremely trendy place, Soi had a remarkable selection. Sold out • $14.00. Crispy curry rice tossed with pork sausage, lime sauce, ... Khao Moo Tod:* Golden-fried marinated pork loin, steamed broccoli, ... Sushi near me Asian near me Lunch near me Indian near me Restaurants near me. I can't say enough about this place. A friend of recommended SOI which is a Thai restaurant. And even at restaurants that offer plenty of those aforementioned familiar dishes and less specialization, there’s often a lot more to explore if you just dig into parts of the menu you haven’t tried yet. Not sure l'd return - there are just too many other delicious restaurants and other new spots to try.

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