¿Quién es Juan? Card Game (Spanish Extra), ¡No es justo! SraMC. Towards the end of the episode, who calls the apartment? Experienced in teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced level students for 20 years, delivering courses for GCSE, IGCSE, AS, A2 and IB (SL & HL), español eXtra is based on the knowledge and expertise built up through 20 years of classroom … Have a neighbour, Pablo, who is in love with Lola and Ana is in love with Pablo. I use it with my Spanish II students, and they absolutely love it. Four versions were made, each in a different language; English, French, German, and Spanish. Check The meaning… Circle the odd one out in these groups of words. Unfair Game Extr@ en español Episode 2 (Spanish Extra en español) by . You Extr@ Episode 1 Vocabulary 25 Terms. (Spanish Extra en español), Extr@ en español Episode 4 Section 1 Summary with questions. First he does vsome grocery shopping on the Internet – then Lola, Ana & Pablo decide to give him a make-over which turns out.. Sam busca un trabajo. About español eXtra. Extra en español (Video Series) Flashcards for Pan’s Labyrinth (2-5 mins) Any donation is appreciated and helps us … 01. In the second episode of Extra (en español), Sam has his first experience of shopping in Spain. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. First he does some grocery shopping on the internet – then Lola, Ana and Pablo decide to give him a make-over which turns out to be a disaster – so he ventures out to clothes shops by himself. 04. Latest News. Teach Outside the Book. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Extra anytime, anywhere. Extra en Español - episode 2 - learn Spanish with a funny sitcom Sam va de compras - Sam goes shopping. Extra en español — Sam va de compras Экстр@ на испанском — Сэм идёт за покупками Весёлый обучающий сериал на испанском с субтитрами и русским переводом, Серия 2 Ребята занялись внешним видом Сэма. When Janet's date, a reporter upon learning that she and Jack are living together wants to do an article about them. Wakey-Wakey This is a slang phrase meaning…Wake up! Answers could be both options on occasions. Present continuous / progressive - exercises, Past continuous / progressive - exercises, Present perfect simple or continuous - exercises, Past simple or present perfect? Start studying Spanish Extra Episode 2. EXTRA en español / Sitcom in spanischer Sprache...die Geschichte von Lola, Ana, Pablo und Sam dem Amerikaner! Rogaciano (Cantinflas) es el modesto trabajador de un estudio mexicano de cine, quien acepta varios papeles de "extra" en las producciones que ahí se realizan, en las que tiene que interpretar personajes tan variados como un opositor de la revolución Francesa, un guerrero azteca, vaquero. Watch Extra - Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode 5: This episode centers around Tim Allen. No Subtitles. Español 3/3H: Unidad 2 Lección 2. $3.50. I have tried to use cognates and fairly simple language to make these accessible to all students. Job hunting and employment are the themes featured in this episode of the Spanish sitcom Extra, aimed at secondary MFL students. 5. Saves on photocopying as 2 worksheets per A4 page. Such is the story of two young sea creatures. Hi, you can practice your Spanish listening skills with the educational comedy Extra en español. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 1. Protected: Quiz for Extra en español – Episode 1. "Extra" en espanol is the Spanish version of "Friends". ... You just clipped your first slide! Quiz for Extra en español – Episode 1 Any donation is appreciated and helps us keep providing lots of lovely free content! 03. This is the story of Lola and Ana who share an apartment in Spain. Episode 2: Sam va de compras (Sam Goes Shopping) Description: In the second episode of Extra, Sam has his first experience of shopping in Spain.First he does some grocery shopping on the internet – then Lola, Ana and Pablo decide to give him a make-over which turns out to be a Episodio 3 Sam aprendre a ligar Extra Español. This bundle includes all resources for episode 2 of Extr@ en español. etc. This is the story of Lola and Ana who share an apartment in Spain. There are two girls who are roommates who live across the hall from Pablo. posted by pintor. - exercises, Past perfect continuous/progressive - exercises. En ella anuncia su llegada para el 19 de febrero. Extra has the hottest celebrity and entertainment news, photos, gossip, scandals, videos, games, music, movies, television, star sightings and more! There is a link on the title page. Lola und Ana haben eine Wohngemeinschaft in Barcelona. Hector Goes Shopping Episode 2 2. Provided with this product: - A comprehensible summary of the third section of episode 3. español eXtra was launched in 2004 by a UK-based Spanish teacher and is run and developed by the same person even now. Thanks for all of the information on things to watch. Beside each purchase you'll see a Provide Feedback button.

extra español episode 2

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