<> 1 0 obj • Conducted Postgraduate Master class at ASICON-Coimbatore & subsequently for three ASICONS as Convenor • Have been conducting various PG training programmes, Master Classes as SCOPE course under the aegis of ASI Delhi chapter for last five years attended by PG students& faculty in large numbers from across the country But she said other doctors she dealt with were dismissive and uninformed. <>/Metadata 116 0 R/ViewerPreferences 117 0 R>> <> endobj Prof. Chintamani, MS, FRCS (Ed. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 594.96 840.96] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Oncol. ), FRCS (Irel. %���� %PDF-1.7 ), FRCS (Eng. ), FIMSA discusses various clinical case scenarios, ward round cases and students' queries which are relevant in the preparation for any post graduate examination as well as in the management of such cases in the ward. 4 0 obj �0����5�G�N��y�$�1ø`H?�uk��2��f�V��q_hj���)Z�0�Nä��;�� endobj ), FACS, FICS (Surg. It is an opportunity outside of the traditional academic setting to gain timely insights into making a correct diagnosis and learning proper approach and management of surgical cases. Masters of Soft Tissue Masters of Soft Tissue is a four-module course that lay the foundation of soft tissue surgery in easy-to-follow procedures. ), FRCS (Glas. This group was initiated with postgraduates in mind to take their training in Surgery at a different level. It is purely an academic and interactive group where many regular, as well as rare case scenarios, are discussed extensively. You are most welcome to give us your feedback and post any case related query in the comment section...To join Gurukkul of Surgery (WhatsApp group) please fill the form below - https://forms.gle/kMNAfPfNYM71MrFF8This group was initiated with postgraduates in mind to take their training in Surgery at a different level. Any Surgery examination has two parts; theory and practical and often, students struggle while preparing for them separately. 3 0 obj ���b�%f���m(x���4. endobj With 22+ hours of systematic teachings, this course is essential whether you want to do more soft tissue surgery in your practice or want to stay up-to-date on the latest procedures. �|p�u�F��}�^��/��/�hқ��z'�IV_W���a���[@����Ӟ��nC��fD��4��!��~��9c�i�����7B�g�l�N,��`��z�i�\�ƍ��[\"��.�9�tv�+y/������\�Y���d�Ԣ`iԫg�h8E��qX����8FucV���HZ�>��Α�;N�d��@Kpu-PRo���P��z�T$�M�N�NC䠱^�'�R>�S�Qî Also, to be able to find right gui... dance and corrective feedback while practising case presentation when you are running out of time is a rare situation.To ease you out, ‘Dr. stream Dr. David Shafer, MD, FACS is a double board certified, award-winning New York City plastic surgeon who specializes in all aspects of aesthetic & cosmetic surgery. Her surgeon, Dr. William Hamilton, who had worked closely with New York City Ballet since the 1970s, was an inspiration. x��=]s���T��)�=��Mn�*�)'\̹y�<8��'�9��p�UkF-�lk�xՓK���ٙ����n-�=_���Ç�-����.�s�N]���ڦY���kV���������x���˻w��$��n/�����z��J4��t�q_�s�=9j��//.�';|zr�Ϋ���v�j���WK��-��Cw� ���K�����]{����=\��ˋ�?߽�����w���k��t �� ���Ç�E2���D��=�/»�ã���pS��{�&&��_z���^+����{���K����~x�����|�����F���Mϖ^;i�J˛��t�ݻgaS�_ۇ_�g����ǥ��gݝ��;��'~_����:�t�����T��;t�}��� p�u6���p�*�W�*��[����=y�j��H����7!�����V�h�����$Q���2�(�v��f�=��m������ ���~����߆o� 6���������IőgjO���Sp9( ��۞A��~��>�(�oz5���U'�6G�8��6d��Ӂ�i@���v� ��1� 2 0 obj

dr chintamani master classes in surgery

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