Yardlong bean was originated in Southern Asia but now it is widely cultivated in Southeastern Asia, Southern China and Thailand. Then, reduce heat to a simmer. Yard long beans nutrition facts. Chinese Mosaic Yard Long Bean $2.25 (Vigna sesquipedalis) 25 seeds per pack. Meet the Chinese Long Bean. In fact, some people know this plant as Thai purple-podded bean or Thai yard long asparagus bean plants – tongue twister, say that three times. High yielding Thai variety with deep purple pods. The lovely, deep-purple pods of this vigorous, high-yielding Thai variety have green tips, are crisp and stay tender to amazing lengths, often reaching 20 inches! Long beans have a chewy, crunchy texture–more so than snap beans–and a flavor reminiscent of the dry navy bean or asparagus. Properly stored, Chinese long beans will maintain best quality in the freezer for about 12 months, but will remain safe beyond that time. Yardlong beans, asparagus beans, Chinese long beans are different names for what is commonly known as long beans. This is a tropical and subtropical climate vegetable which is a favorite vegetable in Asian countries. When hot add the crushed chilies and jaggery. Untreated seed. The lovely, deep purple pods have green tips, are crisp and stay tender to amazing lengths often reaching 20 inches! Pods are large, 7 to 12 inches long, contain not more than five to seven large flat seeds and are similar to lima beans but more angular. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Phaseolus vulgaris CULTURE: Grow pole beans on trellises or large mesh fencing, 4-pole tepees, or single poles. Cover and cook in low flame. Add in the purple pole beans & cover. The beans are tender and yummy. Yard long beans are sometimes called Asparagus beans or Chinese Long beans. In cooking, long beans are the beans traditionally used to make Chinese green beans, a popular dish at Chinese … 1 bunch of Chinese long beans (about 1/2 lb) 2 T vegetable oil 1 T garlic, minced 1/2 tsp salt (or to taste) 1 tsp soy sauce (or to taste) Cut up long beans into 2 inch segments. The plant is a 3- to 4-foot tall bush. Fans of tender young snap beans and slow-cooked dried Southern peas can both be satisfied when you plant long beans, known as "sasage" or "jurokusasagemae" in Japan. They were late to germinate, slow to grow, and the leaves turned an unappealing yellow by the time the vines were 6 inches tall. Bring water back up to a boil. The leaves are bright green, compound with three heart shaped smaller leaflets. The productive variety is a local favorite in Thailand ,where long beans are appreciated as a very important staple crop. The freezer time shown is for best quality only – Chinese long beans that have been kept constantly frozen at 0°F will keep safe indefinitely. Yard Long Bean (Vigna unguiculata ... asparagus bean, Chinese long bean, garter bean, snake bean, yard long bean Akasanjaku #174 : Dark Green #401 : Kurosanjaku #175 : Mosaic #262 : Orient Wonder #001 : Purple Mart - Tsu In #247 : Red Noodle #263 : White Seeded #232 : You Fong Wong #AGBL1488 : We cut them into 3″-long segments and stir-fry them like we would any other green vegetable. Heirloom varieties may still have a fibrous "string" running down their sides, but most varieties for sale … Chewy and flavorful yard long beans, also known as Chinese snake beans, are closely related to black-eyed peas.Its immature, tender, edible pods are one of the most popular pod-vegetables used in the Philippines and other East Asian cuisines. The pods grow to 12 to 30 inches long. 3 cups of purple long beans; 3 tbsp oil; 3 tbsp jaggery; 2-3 birds eye chilies; Salt; Heat the oil in a pan. Pick the pods at maximum length but when they are smooth, before the seeds mature or expand. Vigourous, high-yielding Thai variety. This last summer, I almost thought my Chinese Red Noodle beans (Vigna unguiculata) were done before they even started. The history of these particular heirloom yard long beans is sketchy, however, but experts are fairly certain this plant originated many years ago in Thailand, where it is still very popular. Long beans will be damaged by frost. Long beans . Customer Favorite! They are great when combined … The Chinese long bean (Vigna unguiculata) truly lives up to its name, as growing yard long bean plants having pods of up to 3 feet in length. Fava bean (Dow Fu), Ficia faba, is not a true bean but is related to the pea or vetch. Yardlong bean also known as Bodi Bean, Long Bean, Snake Bean is an annual and fast growing plant which is cultivated for the long pods and edible seeds. Easy to grow. Perhaps you’ve seen this vegetable at Asian grocery stores or at farmer’s markets. Sow seeds 1" deep, spaced 3" apart in rows 4' apart after soil temperature exceeds 60°F (16°C). Cook until fork tender – about 10 – 12 min. Long beans are also called asparagus bean, yard long bean, Chinese pea, snake bean, dau gok, and bodi or boonchi. My friend has grown two varieties of long beans: a regular green type and a less common purple one. Watch Queue Queue Add vegetable oil and minced garlic. Long beans are warm-season plants harvested from mid to late summer. In a medium sized sauce pan, bring just enough water to cover the beans to a boil. Buy Dark Purple Kidney beans - long shape from Dalian Zhongchao Food Co., Ltd.. An amazing bean, both beautiful and tasty! Today that veggie is Chinese Long Beans. Long beans making bean salad RAW. How to Grow a Japanese Long Bean. The pods hang in pairs that should be picked for vegetable uses before matured. A cousin to the cowpea or black-eye pea, Chinese purple pod long beans are much more of a trailing, climbing variety, and often reach heights of 9-12 feet. The announcement on the B2B wholesale foodstuffs marketplace I want to change that one veggie at a time. Rinse & drain beans. Flowers are white; pods are light green. This video is unavailable. Long beans, Yardlong beans, Chinese long beans, snake beans, asparagus beans, etc. I nearly scrapped them altogether, but other garden chores placed the beans on the back burner. Red Noodle beans have an unusual purple-red color and are a well-known variety in southern China. Yellow versions are known as wax beans and purple varieties are also to be had. Yardlong Bean, also called Chinese Long Bean, is a vigorous climbing annual and the plant begins to produce long pods, ranging from 14 to 30 inches, 60 days after sowing. It is a member of legume family Fabaceae. Usually called Chinese long beans, they also go by asparagus bean or snake bean.Long beans are prominent in many South, East, and Southeast Asian cuisines, where they are cooked in a variety of ways. Long vines produce all summer and do well under many conditions. Both flowers and pods are usually formed in joined pairs. When garlic begins to slightly brown, add beans. This is the most stunning and unique bean we have grown yet. Fava Bean (Dow Fu) Description. Trim stem ends off of beans. Long beans are a member of the same family as black-eyed peas, also called cowpeas. 80 days. The bean pods generally grow around 12-20 inches and are tender, crisp with a beautiful texture. Pods grow on vigorous plants that yield heavily. different names are popular, but it is commonly known as long beans.Learn How to grow Long beans, growing condition Long beans, Asparagus beans care, Harvesting Yardlong beans, and more about this plant.. Yardlong beans plant. It grows in warm climates. When the jaggery starts melting and caramelizing add the chopped long beans. Information about Purple China Long Beans including applications, nutritional value, taste, seasons, availability, storage, restaurants, cooking, geography and history. These long bundles of green (or purple!) Green beans, string beans, and snap beans are long and rounded and green. Hubs is still working on adding the top and the trim. Jun 7, 2017 - My not yet finished bean trellis! Add about 1 tablespoon of water, cover, and steam. Sprinkle with salt mix everything once again. Toss for everything to coat well. Yardlong Bean is a subtropical/tropical plant and is widely grown in […] An excellent variety for home gardens and fresh markets. We may look at them and say “oh those are cool” but we walk right by, leaving us clueless to what might be. Add 1 tsp salt, and lemon juice to boiling water. This incredible variety will draw lots of attention in your home garden or at market. Fantastic, deep red, 18-inch pods are so delicious and full of nutrition, and they even keep most of their color when sautéed! If using poles, plant 4 seeds at the base of each pole. As I walked home with the beans in my hand, I felt I made a step, however small, in my effort to help break the cycle. Heat work to medium high heat. Chinese long beans or jiāng dòu (豇豆) in Chinese, are denser and crunchier than green beans and can be found in different colors, from light and dark green to purple. Chinese purple pod long beans are available year-round. Other common names for long beans include yard long beans, snake bean, and Chinese pea. pods are usually gathered together with a rubber band. There are often those vegetables that we often walk by at the grocery store and never put in our cart. The plant grows vigorously and produces lots of long beans for a long time. The productive variety is a local favorite in Thailand where long beans … These pretty beans have also disappointed anyone who thought that their color would remain when cooked. Fresh purple beans, with their gorgeous hues ranging from violet to aubergine, contrasting dramatically with a green interior when cut, have enticed many a farmer's market shopper. Pods are speckled purple and white and grow to 18"!

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