updated May 15, 2018 . There are indications where a cantilever will serve effectively. A cantilever bridge supports the fake tooth from one end. Replacement of missing teeth with fixed bridgework often involves producing full crown retainers on teeth on both sides of an edentulous space. Traditional, cantilever, Maryland, and implant-supported dental bridges are the 4 main types. The use of cantilever bridges. A dental bridge is a great option for replacing any missing teeth you may have. A dental bridge can restore the function and aesthetics of your smile if you have lost one or more consecutive teeth. Author information: (1)Department of Restorative Dentistry, Dental School, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Traditional dental bridges, also known as fixed dental bridges, are composed of between one and three replacement teeth that are custom crafted to blend seamlessly into the smile.. Maxillary lateral incisors from maxillary canines, maxillary central incisors off of each other. There are different types of dental bridge procedures that accommodate different circumstances. A cantilever dental bridge often uses the same number of dental … When there is only one tooth available to uphold a restoration, dentists often recommend a cantilever dental bridge. Why Consider a Dental Bridge. Cantilever bridges are most often used when abutment teeth are located on only one side of the missing tooth or in areas of mouth that are under less stress. Crothers AJ(1), Wassell RW, Jepson N, Thomason JM. Dental bridges replace your missing teeth. Assuming the implant is of sufficient width and length viable cantilever’s can be fabricated as follows. However, some patients do not qualify for a traditional bridge, which relies on two healthy teeth for support.

cantilever bridge dental indications

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